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We are the Balas Brothers and we’re changing the game in the world of tabletop food videos.

We believe that the story of food is also the story of people. We employ the human narrative as a way to immerse the viewer and explore the very DNA of great brands and products.

We are always looking for ways to bridge our love of deeply human stories and experiences with our eye for luscious table top food videos. Creating work that is stylish, super shareable and aesthetically forward thinking. We like to keep things simple and modern while creating very eye catching, bold images that communicate a clear message and call to action.

Our work is defined by a natural rugged approach to beauty and authenticity, often utilizing popular social media languages to deliver relevant, hip content. 


Rooted in the idea that the kitchen table is big and there is room for many different backgrounds, we communicate though the use diverse casting, international dishes and ingredients. We have established relationships with an incredible rolodex of food stylists and culinary experts to assure that our chops, drops and pours are professional, accessible and gorgeous for a premium look.


Simple is beautiful.

Food is fun again! Your videos (and the production) should reflect this approach. The Balas Brothers create visuals that are simple and beautiful and can be seamlessly woven into the daily lives of your audience, while introducing them to the power of your brand to inspire the way they create their daily dishes.

Welcome to The Age of Deliverables

We live in a socially connected new world where video content needs to authentically tell the story of your brand in real-time.

After years of testing and implementation, The Balas Brothers have refined and perfected the modular content model - one shoot that delivers multiple video-driven assets. This scalable model delivers content that can be used across your social media platforms and online presence, and even for use as a traditional broadcast TVC.

We approach content creation with a long line approach to the visuals while designing a production that captures the big picture while simultaneously giving you the option for assets to be parsed down for an array of social platforms and applications. 

The work we develop today will help tell your brand’s story tomorrow - and beyond.


We believe that a great looking dish creates a beautiful space to tell a story. 

While we are extremely passionate about the broader message and the power of great food. We value a brands effort to help create a social movement towards more sustainable and healthier eating and drinking habits and strive to align with your values. Communicating this powerful message is something we are very excited about. and Video can be a powerful tool to help in raising awareness. Of course, we understand it’s fun to be super indulgent sometimes as well :)

The Balas Brothers create visuals that are simple and beautiful and can be seamlessly interwoven into the daily lives of your audience, while introducing them to the power of your brand to inspire the way they create their daily dishes.

The Balas BRothers TEAM

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Ryan Balas is a seasoned director and cinematographer with a fresh and natural eye. The tabletop director and cinematographer co-founded, showcasing his passion for the elevated culinary experience. His films are most notable for their modern naturalistic approach striking the perfect combination of style and heart. 

Ryan values injecting intimacy in his work and creates a strong bond between a brand and its audience. As a tabletop director, he has the rare experience of also directing people and lifestyle, or as he calls it, the love behind the food as well as what’s on the table. He has created beautiful stories for clients such as Chobani, Freshly, Owyn, Cholula, and Bright Greens, collaborating with food tastemakers such as Molly Yeh, Saveur, and Tasting Table. He has also written and directed more than twelve independent feature films. 



Our resident wild idea man and editor. Alec cut his teeth editing videos for BET News before moving on to editing branded content for insta-ready food content company 'Delicious Contents'. He has chopped vids for global brands and outlets like Tesla, Kate Spade, Neiman Marcus, The Food Network, The Ad Council, Oxo, Entrepreneur Magazine and MTV.

In addition to his branded work, he is a feature documentary director, having recently debuted his film "For the love of food", a deep dive into the world of food media. You won't find a sharper, faster and more organized editor than Alec Balas. Period.



Craig is a creative strategist and content marketer from Long Island. He is an expert in the full scope of digital assets and formats; video, still, VR, short form, live, social content. From ideation, through production, to launch, he is a pioneer in VR production, and has developed new hardware and post production workflows. 

As an early adopter of emerging technologies, he is forward thinking, solution oriented seasoned team player. In 2016, he was nominated for two Samsung Creator Awards . He shot and directed one of the first 360 livestreams on Youtube for Machinima. The livestream project required incredible innovation and granular budget management, it was the epitome of “Guerrilla Marketing” and was a tremendous success across all metrics.


WORK Together

We are hungry to collaborate with great brands that are on a mission to create premium content with efficient budgets.


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